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Erika and Dave dig into the more fascinating aspects of sustainable living - including the joy of living sustainably. It’s all about ending our culture’s love affair with “more,” which is not making us happier and is killing our planet. No half-hearted greenwashing here; we share the brutal and joyful truth! Dave directed the documentary GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, which Stanford Biologist Paul Ehrlich declared “could be the most important film ever made.”

Feb 28, 2018

To what extremes are we willing to go to fit more and more people and bigger and bigger economies on a finite planet? It seems we’re willing to give up many freedoms, conveniences, safety and security, but we’re not willing to acknowledge we’re overpopulated or overconsuming. Addressing those root causes is not an option. So, get ready to give up that dream home, meat, golf, rock concerts and air travel; and start whipping up a batch of cricket smoothies. The GrowthBusters team discusses the newest footprint-shrinking strategies and whether we’ll adopt them before things are “semi-apocalyptic.” How far will we go, before we’re willing to strongly suggest limiting our offspring and settling for a smaller, stable and sustainable economy? GrowthBusters is a public education project and documentary film. Their mission is to find the cure for growth addiction, so future generations can live decent lives on a planet with healthy life-support systems. Explore these issues, comment on this podcast, and see the film at Links mentioned in this episode: Video: Would You Eat Bugs for Protein? Save the Planet, Eat an Insect by David Suzuki Movie: Soylent Green GrowthBusters Podcast on Facebook GrowthBusters on Facebook